ABC News Radio Taps TargetSpot For Digital Ads

Radio-AATargetSpot, which operates an online audio, display, and video advertising network, has landed another partner, ABC News Radio. The deal gives TargetSpot access to ABC News Radio’s digital inventory, and allows the partners to offer advertisers greater reach and scale in their online audio ad buys.

Through alliances with Slacker and AOL Radio, TargetSpot will be able to deliver ads to some 60 million people that access ABC News Radio through digital platforms, ranging from desktop computers to mobile devices.

Ad formats and delivery options include in-stream audio, video and display ads delivered within or alongside ABC News Radio content. Ads can be targeted with information including personal listening preferences, time of day and geography down to the ZIP code level.



TargetSpot will also be able to customize ad opportunities to include ABC News personalities from shows like "Good Morning America," "Nightline" and "World News with Diane Sawyer."

Although ABC claims to be the largest commercial radio news network in the U.S., reaching 77 million broadcast listeners every week through its distribution deal with Cumulus, it faces some new competition.

In early March Dial Global and NBC News announced a partnership to create NBC News Radio, a round-the-clock radio news network with national distribution courtesy of Dial, which provides programming and services to over 8,500 radio stations nationwide.

Tthe ABC deal is just the latest in a series of strategic partnerships announced by TargetSpot in recent months. In January, TargetSpot said it would begin placing ads in streaming audio content piped into cars by Livio Connect, which allows drivers to bring important digital radio apps to their cars via CSR Bluetooth chips. App partners currently include 977 Music, AccuRadio, Digitally Imported, Grooveshark, jacAPPS, Live365 and Rdio, as well as Livio’s own proprietary in-car listening app.

In December, TargetSpot signed a deal with Spanish Broadcasting System, extending its reach among the growing U.S. Hispanic audience.

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