AmEx's Mulgrave: 'Dream Big' And 'Don't Be Afraid Of Conflict'

AmEx global product development executive Naomi Mulgrave, who gave the keynote address Saturday at the MediaPost Email Insider Summit, said something basic that should never be forgotten: "It's really important to dream big."

She told an impressive story, where perseverance paid off as she maneuvered through hoops at a large company to bring about an innovative product.

Challenges came because teams were resistant to change. An idea she proposed was shunted aside, but over time, the company noticed competitors were building solutions.

She moved to then build a prototype to show leadership how the solution would work and begged for a small amount of seed funding. Then, she went to show a technology team what would be built. 

Negative reaction followed. They said it would take millions of dollars and eight years.

She was not deterred, telling them this is going to happen and it's up to us to accomplish it.

“Sometimes it's actually best to get that criticism,” she said. She then embraced the time and other challenges with determination. The solution was developed and and it has become a best-in-class payment solution.

Now, she works with the technology team and they're excited to work with her and innovate.


One conclusion she offered: "Don't Be Afraid Of Conflict."

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