Half Of Opera Users Access Web Via Mobile Only

More than half (56%) of those using the Opera Mini mobile browser connect to the Internet only via mobile. That compares to 43% of non-Opera users, according to a new study by the software maker underscoring the primacy of the mobile phone as an Internet access device in many developing regions.

In Indonesia and Pakistan, for example, 48% of mobile users surveyed in each country, cited mobile as the only means of going online. Four out of ten in India said the same thing. Among countries where the proportion of mobile-only Opera users was highest were: Egypt, with 72%); Bangladesh (69% in Brazil (65%) and South Africa (61%).

Search and social networking each rated highest (at 64% and 63%, respectively) when Opera users were asked which types of mobile sites they visit on their phones. About half (52%) also cited e-mail, followed by entertainment news (35%) and world and local news (34%). The company also said people using Opera Mini were active mobile shoppers--35% more likely to buy music, and 29% more likely to buy games on their phones than

People with other types of mobile browsers.  Read more here.

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