Meow Mix Survey Grabs Jay Leno

  • May 8, 2012

Del Monte's Meow Mix has released a survey that says 8% of cat owners say their feline would, if it were human, sound like The Tonight Show host Jay Leno.
Evidently, Leno heard about this and will put his nine-lived impersonators on TV. If enough  cat lovers visit his Facebook page and post videos of their cats doing Leno, he may feature the videos on air.

In the study, conducted by Kelton Research, 31% of respondents would rather speak with their cat after a long day than their best friend, children, or parents. One third said believe they communicate better with their cat than their significant other.

Thirty nine percent said their cat is likely to be more attuned to their owner's mood than a romantic partner. More than four in five surveyed said they could identify their own cat’s “meow” among many others making the same noise.

As for other celebrities, 18% said if their cat could talk, they would sound like Ellen Degeneres. Thirteen percent say Fran Drescher. Twelve percent said Sean Connery.



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