Teens Must Face The Truth: Skin Cancer Can Be Prevented

Less than 50% of Millennials are well informed on skin cancer and its causes. That’s according to a recent study we conducted in support of May’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month. 

Of women ages 18-24, one in five is not applying sunscreen regularly. The same amount of Millennials does not understand the severity of melanoma as the most deadly form of skin cancer. Let’s not get burned. There has to be a wakeup call for these young women to face the truth early on, allowing them to better maintain skin health.

There are, of course, preventative products and plenty of measures to combat the damage imposed by the sun. The skin cancer message just is not resonating (at least in these early years). This is one issue where getting inside a consumer’s mindset and engaging her in the right context can clearly add value and years to her life.

Skincare products and beauty are among the most conversed categories by women on the web. More than 50% of Millennials spend up to 30 minutes researching skincare products before making a purchase. While the range of benefits and product attributes is immense, we are talking about a category where the #1 skin health benefit is SPF protection. Again, even though these young women are looking to make informed decision on skincare, Millennials aren’t taking preventative measures. The opportunity lies with engaging these women through education in the right contexts supporting how they are spending those 30 minutes crafting their shopping lists.



We’ve found through our research that women are turning to their peers as a top trusted source for beauty product advice. What’s important is that the peer-to-peer conversation comes to life in many channels including social media and user reviews on retailer sites as well as beauty product review sites. The opportunity for brands and organizations committed to helping women take preventative skin health measures must resonate in digital channels for Millennials to pay attention. 

Importantly, online sales have soared among Millennials in the skincare category. For perspective, online retail has become a leading channel for skincare sales only behind mass and drug retail outlets. This is relevant as it further demonstrates how Millennials are shopping and engaging in a category so relevant to maintaining the body’s largest organ and natural defense against the elements. Brands and retailers have a relevant medium to engage these young women when they are most ready to make a purchase in the skincare category. These outlets have the opportunity to elevate the month of May’s ever so important message by driving education and products to meet women’s skin health needs. Through digital media, brand leaders have a chance to inspire young women to smear on an extra layer as part of a daily regimen.

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