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Hello, Viewdini

  • May 22, 2012

Verizon Wireless will soon introduce “viewdini” a new app that will allow consumers to more easily search for and view movies, television and other video on their mobile devices.

According the company, the app will streamline access to videos from a number of content providers including cable companies, websites and other video sources. Comcast Xfinity, Hulu Plus, mSpot and Netflix will be among the participants at launch, while Verizon’s FiOS will be added shortly.

The app acts as a mobile video aggregator, allowing consumers to search for videos by title, topic or star’s name. It will let customers know which services have the videos available for streaming and whether watching it requires a subscription, rent or purchase. The app will be available to Verizon Wireless customers with 4G LTE Android devices later this month, with support for other operating systems to be added soon. 



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