Mobile Video Message Use On Rise

Samsung-PhoneWhile mobile video messages reminding viewers to watch a television show have surfaced as one of the more popular communications between media companies and consumers, the marketing tool has become especially popular on iOS and Android devices across AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless. That's according to a Mogreet report that analyzes consumer behavior through mobile messaging.

Mogreet released the Semi-Annual Mobile Marketing Analytics Report for May 2012. It analyzes consumer behavior patterns for mobile marketing campaigns that integrate video messages on the company's platform, which delivers messages to about 290 million U.S. mobile subscribers.

The Apple iPhone leads mobile video messaging use -- rising to 23.6%, up from 7.4% in August 2011, according to Mogreet. Samsung devices follow with 21.9%, up from 2.9% during the same time frame. LG came in at No. 3 with 17.8%, up from about 11%. Motorola now holds 5%, but the company did not previously track video messaging on Google's newly acquired company, so comparison numbers are not available.

While Apple iPhone and Samsung smartphone users view MMS more often than other U.S. mobile consumers, iOS and Android continue to lead as top operating systems. iOS holds 23.6% market share, followed by Android with 16%; BREW/REX, 8.2%; Windows, 1.5%; and all others 50%, such as Nokia, Linux, Openwave, RIM, WebOS and Symbian.

Mogreet claims to support the delivery of more than two-thirds of multimedia (MMS) messaging sent by businesses to consumers in the United States. Data from the report digs into handset market share, carrier market share, geographical data, and insight into messages that consumers view on their phone.

"Some clients send as many as a million messages weekly, so the combined traffic volume could reach 10 million messages," said Mogreet CTO Anthony Rossano.

Scott Rogers, vice president, sales at Mogreet, said most clients want to deliver between 30- and 40-second videos via text message to as many phones as possible. The company estimates sending between 30 and 40 million per month, or about 500 million per year.

AT&T and Verizon lead in the delivery of mobile content. Atlanta and South Carolina are the top regions for using MMS.

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