Rovi Launches Tool To Measure TV Ad Buys

WatchingTV-ABCElectronic program guide company Rovi Corp. is launching a media research tool for media agencies and advertisers to measure TV advertising buys on its ad network.

Rovi Analytics will provide measurements such as unique viewers, impressions, and time spent -- data that comes from 
set-top boxes, as well as connected television and video devices.

Additional data points can be filtered by daypart and geography that the company says will enable advertisers to measure the effectiveness of advanced TV ad units.

Jeff Siegel, senior vice president of worldwide advertising for Rovi Corp., says the Rovi Advertising Network was "one of the first platforms to enable companies to develop and test campaigns on new Internet-enabled platforms.”

Some of the ad network's interactive campaigns have included ones from BT, Carnival Cruise Lines, Channel 4, Ladbrokes, Red Bull TV and Twentieth Century Fox.

The ad network serves ads in approximately 30 million U.S. homes on electronic program guides, Blu-ray players and other platforms. It also includes and



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