Back To The Future Of Marketers With Kim Kadlec

Johnson & Johnson’s Kim Kadlec started off talking about the marketer of the future at the Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France, by discussing the 1960s. She started by talking about the Apollo era astronauts and her realization that the technology they used to fly to the moon was less sophisticated than what the average person has on their phones today.

She then jumped to creativity, noting that the ad industry is fond of thinking about the 1960s as its “Golden Age,” with ads like Volkswagen’s “think small” campaign, but she said those ads were designed for an era of few media options and that “ad land” is now being “consumed by a digital tower of babel.”

Kadlec agreed that the 60s may have been Madison Avenue’s golden days, but she said “now is the platinum age of creativity.”

Another things from the 60s that needs rethinking, Kadlec said, is the four pillars of marketing, ie. the four Ps.

“Product is still paramount,” Kadlec said, adding that the new Ps are: Purpose, presence, proximity and partnership.

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