Millennials Consider Mobile The Must-Have Shopping Companion

“Showrooming” has become common vernacular in the retail environment as consumers trot down retail aisles comparing prices, looking up reviews and sometimes purchasing directly on mobile devices. Brands and retailers alike must recognize mobile screens as a complementary channel to educate and win a consumer’s business in the digital and physical retail environments. Millennial women are a segment leading the trends around mobile devices as the ubiquitous shopping companion to inform every step along her journey to find that season’s pair of shoes, a new computer or the perfect Father’s Day gift. 

In our recent mobile usage study, we showcase that mobile and tablet devices have moved well beyond peer-to-peer communication devices to on-demand access to most any relevant piece of data. Millennials depend on mobile as an instrumental tool as they push down the aisles. Consider that 73% of Millennials are already transacting directly on their mobile devices. This presents tremendous opportunities for brands and retailers to ensure they are creating mobile experiences to capture her business at home and on the go. Importantly, within the retail environment she’s clearly in a mindset to search and try. Brands should consider how to elevate their presence in the right context as she is comparing products within the category and looking for the best solution for her including product reviews, social media as well as other relevant channels where reviews and ratings are important for her.



Further, more than 75% of Millennials have their mobile devices glued to their palm while in store as a trusted personal shopping assistant. These digital natives are focused on finding what’s right for them and sourcing information to help inform their every decision. 

For brands looking to engage the Millennial woman and win her attention, it’s also important to understand the other ways she’s utilizing her mobile screen. The big headline is she’s constantly on this little device which will one day surely be implanted into her arm. Sixty percent of Millennial women are now spending more than an hour each day of their leisure time on mobile devices. The door to the world can often times be experienced through these devices, so what else are these women doing? Seventy percent of Millennials download applications, mostly free ones. As the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), just concluded in Los Angeles earlier this month, it’s no surprise many gaming companies are turning to engage the mobile savvy female consumer. Twenty percent of Millennials are now spending up to 60 minutes each day tackling mobile games!

Want to engage the socially connected consumer? You’ll find her on her mobile device. Ten percent of Millennials ages 18-24 are spending between two and four hours on social media channels on her mobile device. This is the most connected female segment and she can activate a brand’s message far and wide.

Mobile screens and mobile optimized content should now be a clear priority for brands and retailers interested in winning the business of the Millennial consumer.

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