AOL, Toyota 'Control' Your Drive

AOL Autos and Toyota are expected to debut a search tool on Monday designed to help car shoppers find the perfect ride. Dubbed “ChooseControl,” the tool tailors searches by consumer interest. For example, telling the system that babies will be on board will yield different search results than if shoppers hope to break the sound barrier.  
David Kiley, editor in chief of AOL Autos, said the partnership was largely driven by the improving health of the car business.
“For the first time since the U.S. recession, consumers are headed back to automotive dealerships in droves,” Kiley said.
The system also incorporates customized video into the search experience to help users visualize potential purchases. As car shoppers input their social demographic criteria, the tool creates a personalized vignette of how the car will accommodate their specific lifestyle.
Making it all possible, more than 600,000 video combinations were created by StudioNow, part of AOL’s Group. In addition, AOL Autos will integrate ChooseControl into its Facebook page, offering consumers the tool’s full functionality as they begin a car search.
As the tool’s initial sponsor and launch partner, Toyota is placing itself at a stage of the purchase funnel.
“The vast array of options available to automotive buyers today can make the purchase experience overwhelming for consumers," said Dionne Colvin, National Media Marketing Manager, Toyota Motor Sales, Inc. USA. 

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