Match Campaigns With Best Days, Channels, Email and Social Consumer Patterns

According to Yesmail Interactive, many social media and email campaigns do not match up with consumers’ patterns for when and how they engage with brands. A breakdown by social channels showed that Facebook campaigns achieve the highest level of engagement on Tuesdays, yet that day ranks fourth in terms of when actual campaigns are deployed. The majority of Twitter campaigns take place on Friday, which is the least engaging day for those campaigns. The most interaction on YouTube occurs on Monday, but it is the least utilized weekday for campaign deployment.



Michael Fisher, President of Yesmail, notes that “... there are opportunities for marketers to utilize different types of content to engage consumers...  data revealed an upward trend in consumers’ interaction with video on Facebook, yet this format was only used in 6.5% of deployed campaigns...  an example of how crucial it is for brands to not only measure the success of their campaigns, but to dig deeper into the insights... “

The report also showed a discrepancy between the timeslot when campaigns achieved the most engagement and when retail brands deploy their campaigns: 

  • Facebook campaigns reached the highest level of interaction between 10 p.m. and 12 a.m. EST, yet this timeslot was the least utilized by marketers. Instead, the most popular time to deploy campaigns was 11a.m.-1p.m. EST
  • More than 84% of Twitter campaigns occurred within regular work hours of 9 a.m.-7 p.m. EST, even though 5 a.m.-8 a.m. EST is the timeframe with the highest level of customer engagement
  • When it comes to running YouTube campaigns, only 3% of emails are sent after 6 p.m. EST, yet it is a fairly consistently utilized timeslot for social campaigns

 When retailers’ email campaign data was overlaid with social engagement data, the study found a significant increase in engagement on social channels.

  • On Facebook, engagement grew by roughly 50% when one email campaign was deployed on the same day and by 100% when two email campaigns were deployed
  • Twitter campaign engagement levels reached a 25% increase with one email campaign and a 40% increase with two

Fisher concludes that  “... the correlation found between email and social media... (shows) how marketers can boost the effectiveness of campaigns... weaving each communication channel together... ”

To download the full report from Yesmail, please visit here.


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