Mogreet Puts Video Ad Inventory In Text Messages


Mogreet launched the AdStitch mobile advertising service Tuesday, combining high-quality video ads with mobile messaging to help brands easily recoup return on investments.

Cox Media Group's Oakland, Calif. television station, KTVU, has been testing a morning weather alert to subscribers along with an ad in the MMS message on mobile phones.

The ad in the message typically ranges from five to 15 seconds, but more advertisers want to create shorter clips. The best-performing ad units are shorter, according to Mogreet CEO James Citron.

"An automaker knows showing a five- or a 15-second video of a car performs better than 20 characters in text, banner or display ad," Citron said. He believes MMS is the only way publishers can reach 95% of Americans with mobile video.



Companies like Cox can turn their mobile messaging service from a cost to a profit center through AdStitch. Citron said it's about Cox generating revenue to pay for their communication channel from the company to customers.

Users can upload a video ad in Mogreet’s Campaign Manager and use AdStitch to combine the ad to a video being sent to subscribers. The clip automatically is transcoded and assigned a delivering time and target to consumers on a mobile subscriber list via Mogreet’s MMS platform.

For years, publishers have invested money to send text messages to customers, but didn't have the tools to garner a return on investment through video ads that can tie into a message to support online or television media buys, Citron said. This gives advertisers the benefit of reaching a targeted and engaged audience who opts-in to receive the clients' mobile messages and content.

But content needs to create the connection between consumer and brand. Rather than tell consumers why Cheerios might lower cholesterol, give them a recipe and diet to follow, Citron said.

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  1. Mike Dawson from Solly Labs, July 17, 2012 at 3:15 p.m.

    "Creating connection between the consumer and the brand," isn't the statement getting a little tried and tired at this point? The reason people follow firms and products on social media is not because the firm has filled a gap in that person's life, it is because the consumer is chasing discounts. Forking out for your ten second snippet and mass delivering a recipe is not going to drive sales to the same level as a good offer to a qualified target. This new advert delivery means however could well change dramatically the way we create video. Clarity of message though, can that really be entertained (or indeed entertaining) in a mere ten second slot? You've got thirty words, can you sum up your business, what you do, how you do it and make your offer in that time? The real challenge of achieving 95% customer penetration now presents itself.
    Mike Dawson:

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