Media Rating Council To Lead 3MS, Set Standards For 'Viewable Impressions,' e-GRPs

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA --The Media Rating Council has emerged as the ad industry’s central entity for coordinating and executing the main components of Madison Avenue’s so-called 3MS initiative, Association of National Advertisers chief Bob Liodice revealed Monday during the opening session of the ANA's Digital and Social Media Summit here. 3MS, which stands for “Making Measurement Make Sense,” was created by the ANA, the 4As and the IAB to tackle the big issues surrounding cross-media measurement in a digital age, and Liodice told attendees that the MRC would take on the role of managing the core aspects of its efforts.

Those steps include the shift from an ad impression served model to one of “viewable impressions” -- a standard in which at least 50% of an ad is viewable to a consumer for at least one second, the transition to an “e-GRP” for cross-platform measurement.

Liodice said the MRC would play the role of becoming the “common ground” across all of the advertising and media trade groups that represent the “marketer’s ecosystem.”

As part of that move, Liodice said all ANA members would effectively become “associate members of the MRC” immediately, and over time, more and more would become “full voting members.”




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  1. Don Mitchell from Freelance Media Professional, July 18, 2012 at 11:13 a.m.

    Ask yourself this question, "If I were spending my own money rather than grillions of my client's money, would I accept a website or ad network that only showed half my ad for one second?"

    If I spend money on broadcast or print and only half the ad is run, I'm going to be requesting a make good for my client.

    Why should this standard be acceptable in the online world?

  2. Sarah Prater from LIQWID, July 19, 2012 at 10:13 a.m.

    Don, I agree. The 50% solution is again letting the current environment have too much influence on how the new world is shaped. No one would actuallly prefer it this way. If this ends up as the standard,it will continue to be up to each company to go above and beyond the standard, to offer better viewability. LIQWID ads are always 100% in-view, since they exist outside the web content page and do not scroll. Also Minimum View Times(MVT)(TM) can be set for each campaign. We recommend a minimum of 3 seconds.

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