Yahoo's Right Media Expands Mobile Targeting

Yahoo on Thursday announced enhancements to its Right Media Exchange to improve mobile targeting, reporting, RTB (real-time bidded) transactions, and campaign creation. The upgrades follow an initial set of mobile tools Right Media introduced in October.

With the latest changes, Yahoo said mobile advertisers will be able to target by smartphone or tablet users, as well as by device manufacturer and specific makes and models of devices. Specifically, that means more than 300 devices made by Apple, HTC, Motorola and Samsung, and 75 tablet models from Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung.

Right Media is also expanding to targeting to mobile-based browsers including IE, Mozilla, Netfront, Opera and all major mobile operating systems. When it comes to reporting, advertisers will be able to filter and group results by device, browser, carrier, and OS. To streamline the ad process, marketers can now also create a single campaign that targets both mobile and PC users on a single line item.

“Last October, we cracked open the door to mobile on the exchange,” says Brian Silver, chief of Right Media, in a blog post today. “Today’s enhancements blow the door wide open. As mobile advertising increasingly shifts to programmatic buying, in the footsteps of online advertising, it only makes sense for Right Media to continue bolstering its mobile-specific features.

Rumors began circulating this spring that Yahoo was trying to sell off its ad tech business, including Right Media, to reduce costs and focus on its core media properties. With the appointment of Marissa Mayer as Yahoo’s new CEO this week, though, such moves will likely get a fresh review under the new boss.

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