CBS Touts Strong Year, Scripted Lineup

Beverly Hills, Calif. --  Creatively and financially, CBS believes it has had a strong 2011-2012 season.

In speaking at the Television Critics Association meeting here, Nina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment, says the network was No. 1 in total viewers, Emmy awards, and upfront advertising revenue.

Upfront advertising revenue, according to various reports, pegged CBS at $2.7 billion for this past June's upfront marketplace. ABC was at 2.5 billion, Fox hit $2 billion in upfront sales, NBC was at $1.8 billion, while CW landed at some $420 million.

Heavily invested in scripted TV shows, possibly more than other networks, Tassler notes that 80% of its scripted shows have been sold into syndication, and three shows -- "NCSI," "Hawaii Five-0" and "Two Broke Girls" -- were sold into syndication before their second seasons on the networks.

Tassler also notes for the sixth straight season, CBS beat ABC and NBC in 18-49 viewers.

New research shows that summer repeats -- as well as new original summer shows, both reality and original programming -- have been suffering for all networks. But Tassler says CBS scripted repeats of shows continue to draw big numbers versus its rivals. "Even with repeats being softer, it's still a profit center for the company," she says.

Unlike other networks, which are looking to start shows before and after traditional premiere week, typically the third week in September, CBS believes in marketing its shows in the traditional launch period.

"It's a very cluttered universe," admits Tassler.  "We like premiere week; there's excitement and energy. We do a great job promoting our shows all summer. We launch this way because it works. The quality of the shows speak for themselves."



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