Teen Olympic Viewership Up 29%

With the stellar performance of the women’s gymnastics team, NBC’s ratings in the female 12-to-17 demo have soared during the first seven days of the London Games compared to Beijing in 2008. By one measure, the number is up 54% to an 8.3 average.
For all 12-to-17 year-old viewers, the increase is 29% to a 7.2 average, according to NBC.
NBC said the female demo ratings are 89% higher than Fox’s “Glee,” the No. 1 prime-time network show in the demo. Teen viewing on NBC is the most for any non-U.S. Olympics since 1992 and comes even as every event is streamed live online.
NBC said that younger people are taking advantage of smartphones and tablets to view live events via an app. Among users ages 13 to 24, 68% are “live streaming for the first time on a tablet” and 53% for the first time on a smartphone.
The network also said 171% more teens watched the Games on NBC as shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch in the last three months.
The so-called “Fab Five” females winning medals are all in their teens. Female teens could continue to be attracted to the Games as the U.S. women’s soccer and basketball teams pursue gold. 

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