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Survey: How Much Will Retailers Spend On Paid-Search Clicks?

The Internet Retailer conducted a survey that found 50.8% of respondents said they will not increase the amount they spend on cost per clicks this year, and 49.2% will increase that spending. Last year, only 6.4% of respondents reported paying on average 5 cents or less per click, but this year the largest group -- 17.6% -- will spend between 26 cents and 40 cents. The study highlights a variety of factors that influence the budget amount that marketers will spend on paid search.

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  1. PayPerClickStore .com from Pay Per Click Store, August 6, 2012 at 5:12 p.m.

    Every retailer is going to face a different level of competitiveness for her or his keywords. Therefore, it seems random to even consider how much they expect to pay per click. For example, a seller whose product requires a $5.00 click might be well advised to bid that amount if it will generate a $25,000 sale.

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