Study Maps Twitter Connections, Target Demos

TwitterBird-A2A PeekAnalytics study released Monday analyzes Twitter followers and maps the social graph of each across the Internet. It highlights the top 1,000 technology investors with Twitter accounts and helps marketers understand the ROI for specific demographics or market segments.

Marketers investing in social ad campaigns or Promoted Tweets need to understand their target market.

The metric gauges the connection of Twitter followers across 60 social sites and compares each with the average consumer. PeekAnalytics calls the metric "Pull Quotient," which measures the influence of the audience, compared with the Twitter account's followers, said Michael Hussey, PeekAnalytics CEO. "Two-x means you're twice as connected as the average person," he said.



The study found that Ashton Kutcher, which has more than 11.6 million followers, is 4,852 times more connected than the average person. Guy Kawasaki ranks No. 2 with 1,073,526 followers and is 3,203 times more connected. Richard Branson follows, along with Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Jonah Lupton, Al Gore, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Kevin Rose.

Google Head of Web Spam Matt Cutts, which ranks No. 28 on the list, invests in between five and six startups yearly, about $25,000 per year, according to Angel List. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer follows at No. 29 with 204,047 followers and is 683 times more connected compared with the average consumer.

PeekAnalytics competes with the social measuring tool Klout. Unlike Klout, PeekAnalytics measures the quality of the audience. Hussey said the company will build out other indexes.

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