Location Matters In Online Video Retail Ads

Last week we talked about how online retailers can improve the view rates for their videos, as well as how some retailers are finding that online video is significantly boosting sales. To add to the conversation, here are some additional tidbits on how retailers can drive even more revenue using online video ads and content, according to a survey of online video viewers conducted by video ad technology company Videology.

About 27% said sales and promotions are the most important factor in influencing a shopping decision. That’s not surprising per se. We all love a deal. But this insight is a good reminder for retailers to include promotional info in their online video ads if they are not already doing so. To be sure, many ads are planned that way from the get-go, but here’s where online video can really help. The technology exists with online video ads to layer in interactivity -- in the form of overlays or buy buttons or even tailored ads. Those can work especially well for retailers.



Location was the second-most important factor, with 24% of online video viewers citing it as part of their decision to buy. Videology suggests that retailers use this insight by layering in location information into online video. Maps, custom retail tags, mobile offers and daypart messaging can be used to improve the reach and efficiency of online retail video ads.

“Using a combination of location, daypart, demographic and behavioral data allows an advertiser to more actively engage and assist a shopper during the purchasing process,” Videology said.  

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  1. Paul Baron from WebTel Marketing, August 20, 2012 at 7:33 p.m.

    Agree that combining video and location presents a compelling brand message of impact at the point of sale. Products like those from Media2Go - see for more information and how to try out a proximity advertising campaign with video. It's easy with their Starter Kit. Feel free to contact me at for more info.

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