ESPN's Valentino: Mobile Is Digital Deja Vu All Over Again

Lisa Valentino, VP, Digital and Mobile Sales, ESPN says the development of a mobile advertising marketplace isn’t so much a problem as it is a “huge opportunity.” That said, she says she believes the biggest issue is not making the same “mistakes” that the first iteration of digital publishing (you know, the Web) made. “

But I see us making a lot of the same mistakes,” she admitted during the opening panel on Day Three of the Mobile Insider Summit at Lake Tahoe.

Chief among those mistakes, she added, is the flooding of mobile ad impressions into the marketplace, which is leading to problem No. 2: “commoditizing.”

That’s a problem, she said, because it leads to conversations among advertisers and media buyers about how cheaply mobile can be for them to buy, vs. how effective it is at achieving their marketing goals.

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