Defining The CMTO

SearchBlogSearch marketers scrambling to keep up with Google's Penguin algorithm updates will also need to become more aware of working with data_- lots of it. I wrote in July about the new role of chief marketing technology officers after speaking with BlueKai SVP of Marketing Cory Treffiletti about his view on how the entrance of more technology and data will increase the need for CMTOs.

Big data comes from enterprise applications like enterprise resource platforms, as well as inventory control and automatic replenishing platforms. Now, BlueKai has pulled together information from Gartner, Forrester Research and Experian to profile the role and responsibilities of the CMTO. The data looks at the type of marketing responsibilities this position will have, and the buying influence for the company's resources.

Since the profile pulls data from reports written in 2011, the numbers are analyzed in relation to the rate at which technology and online marketing move and mature. It may take several months for something to change online, compared with three years in the physical world. Treffiletti said these are the most recent reports, but BlueKai commissioned similar research that should become available in Q4 2012.

Based on the latest aggregated research available, BlueKai views the role of CMTOs as more strategic rather than tactical. Many company C-level executives will look toward the CTMO for strategic guidance, as opposed to tactical advice.

How does BlueKai see the CMTOs' marketing responsibilities? When choosing and managing marketing service providers, 83% of respondents to a Gartner survey said they would take total responsibility; compared with 16%, some; and 1%, none. For branding and corporate communications; 80% said they would take total responsibility; 17%, some; and 3% none. Looking at choosing and managing marketing tech providers; 71% they would take total responsibility; 28%, some; and 1%, none.

An interesting aspect of the shift will become the need for more technology and the influence on those buying decisions. On average, 30% of the marketing-related technology and services are bought by users of marketing technology, but 50% of buyers for that technology influence purchases.

Experian also names 10 practical scenarios where CMTOs will become valuable or necessary. The top five include managing the technology stack, understanding cross-channel interaction, delivering a well-choreographed multichannel message, delivering more relevant display advertising, and measuring marketing performance.

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