The Whole Story - Social Networking - The Hierarchy of Devices

The latest release of USA TouchPoints (2012.2) is made up of two waves of data. The most recent of these waves shows continued overall growth in social networking among all adults 18-64. It also breaks down average weekly reach by

• This gives a clear picture of the relative position of each of the key devices used for social networking in the overall hierarchy.

• With a weekly reach of 40% (equivalent to the weekly reach of DVR viewing – USA TouchPoints 2012.2), social media across all platforms continues to exert a hold on an ever-broader base of the adult population.

• The computer dominates among the specific devices used for social networking with a weekly reach of 33%, more than double social networking via Mobile Phone. The use of social networking apps stands at 12% and social networking via the mobile Internet delivers 11% weekly reach.

• Perhaps more surprising is the size of the gap between mobile phones and yablets for social networking –- both apps and the internet on the tablet deliver 3% weekly reach for social networking among adults 18-64.

• All will continue to grow, but both mobile phone and tablet are likely to show faster rates of growth over the coming year than computers as penetration of smartphones and yablets and social networking platforms continue to invest in the mobile space.


Social Networking by Device - Weekly Reach

Source: USA TouchPoints 2012.2 (based on most recent of two waves of
Sample: Adults 18-64

o   Any Social Networking: Weekly Reach 40%

o   Social Networking - Computer: Weekly Reach 33%

o   Social Networking - Mobile via Internet: Weekly Reach 11%

o   Social Networking - Mobile via App: Weekly Reach 12%

o   Social Networking - Tablet via Internet: Weekly Reach 3%

o   Social Networking - Tablet via App: Weekly Reach 3%


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