Emmys Hyped By Social Media Interactions

EmmysSocial media TV consumers hyped ABC's "64th Prime Time Emmy Awards" on Sunday night -- much more than a year ago. But the big TV awards event was well behind other entertainment awards TV programs.

Trendrr, a social media researcher, says social media interactions grew 42% to 1.57 million -- up from 1.1 million a year ago. Total on-air activity was at 1.26 million. Trendrr says total activity accounts for all social interactions of public profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Get Glue and Viggle.

Positive sentiment of those messages was at 54%. Twenty-three percent of those messages were negative, and another 23% were neutral.

As with most TV programming in prime time, women made up the majority of those who sent out social messages at 61%, giving men a 39% number.

Social media platforms put Web-based tweets ahead of mobile-based devices: 52% to 48% The top five social media markets for the Emmys nearly followed that of the top TV markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Washington, DC.

All this gave "The Emmy Awards" sixth place for the year among award shows. The still overwhelming leader was MTV's "2012 MTV Video Music Awards" with 19,175,032 interactions. It was also the overall leader in social media for any TV show.

Other big award shows this year include CBS' "The 54th Annual Grammy Awards," in second place with 17,122,100;  then BET's "The BET Awards '12", 10,128,701; ABC's "The 84th Annual Academy Awards" at 4,477,654; and Fox's "Teen Choice 2012" with 2,398,483.



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