AT&T AdWorks Offers Auto-Fill For Ads

AT&T AdWorks today introduced a new service that allows AT&T customers to auto-fill personal information in responding to ads served on the carrier’s mobile ad network of 120 million monthly users. Here’s how the new opt-in Click-to-Fill feature works:

When an AT&T subscriber clicks on a mobile ad, they’re directed an advertisers Request For Information (RFI) page, they hit the Click-to-Fill button to automatically transfer their names, addresses, phone number and email address to receive more information about products and services. Non-AT&T customers can also interact with the RFI by manually entering their information into each field.

“We are excited to offer this benefit to advertisers to connect easily with interested consumers,” said Michael Rosen, VP, online and mobile sales, AT&T AdWorks, in a statement. “Click-to-Fill improves and simplifies mobile lead generation and promotional campaigns for advertisers.”

Sure, it’s easy to see why advertisers would love it. But how often will people find a mobile ad so compelling that they’ll instantly volunteer all their personal information to get more information? Hard to see this catching on with consumers.


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  1. Michael Rosen from TBD, October 1, 2012 at 6:06 p.m.

    Consumers are already responding to offers, promotions and requesting more info via mobile, AT&T AdWorks is just making it easier for AT&T subscribers to fill in their details using Click-to-Fill if their choose to.

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