Do You Have A Tablet Strategy?

In a perfect world, every marketer would get to work for an innovative tech company (Google and Apple are the dream, right?) where just about everyone, and certainly most Millennials, are inherently interested in everything you do. But, unfortunately we live in an imperfect world and marketers are housed in every industry, even ones that Generation Y isn’t inherently interested in (apologies to the insurance and finance marketing folks). 

There are ways however to tap into the Millennial mindset and get them to at least interact with your message, regardless of industry. The tablet should be the center of all those strategies. In fact, it would behoove marketers to think of tablet strategies specifically. 

Nearly half (45%) of all adult Millennials own or regularly use a tablet device; the majority have iPads. They’re regularly using these tablets to do the expected (such as checking email, going online, playing games, etc.) and the unexpected (such as getting local news and using digital documents). Marketers can leverage this knowledge. 



Take local news, for example. It’s no secret that news organizations are struggling. Newspaper circulation is down, and local newscast’s 25-54 ratings are down as well. Baby Boomers, who essentially created the success of local news organizations and have always been very comfortable with gathering news information by appointment, are rapidly aging out of the demo. They’re being replaced by Millennials who grew up with the Internet and constant access to information at their fingertips. Having a habitual appointment to get news and information doesn’t make sense to them, but perusing the headlines or getting alerts multiple times a day does. 

Fifty-seven percent of Millennial tablet owners regularly access local news on their tablets. The number itself is interesting, but when it’s put in context with other regular tablet activities the opportunity becomes evident. Getting local news is the fourth most common thing Millennials do on their tablets. It edges out social networks (yes, you read right), online shopping and reading books. The demand is there and so is the opportunity. 

The growth of tablets can create opportunities for your industry too. To get the ball rolling, think through this:

  • What are Millennials regularly doing on their tablets? 
    • (Top activities include: checking email, going online, playing games, getting local news, getting restaurant/bar reviews, watching video, shopping, social networking, using apps, getting weather information)

  • What strengths do tablets offer over other devices, particularly smartphones and laptops? 
    • (Screen size, quality of image, gateway to microtransactions, portability, easy on/off)
  • What should Millennials know about (insert your marketing focus)?

Now start to leverage the activities and strengths against your marketing message. Next try not to overcomplicate things and determine how to provide value, not just utility. (They may be tech-savvy but Gen Yers are still “normal”).  

Yes, it is easier said than done (much like everything in marketing, especially when dealing with Generation Y), but the important thing is to plan a tablet strategy. A well-planned and executed tablet strategy can help your industry/brand/product become more inherently interesting to Generation Y. 

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