What About Tying Mobile Searches To Coupon Offers?

Mobile-Coupon-BExperian Hitwise GM of Global Research for Experian Marketing Services Bill Tancer points to coupons as the significant buying habit and trend for consumers this holiday season because of the big spike in visits to coupon Web sites seen last November. He tells us that 78% of last year’s tracked holiday campaigns offered some form of discount. That's all well and good -- but marketers need to give the trend a little push.

Overall, campaigns with offers declined in opens and clicks last season, but had a 68% higher transaction rate and 60% rise in revenue per email compared with campaigns with no offers. The big winners were campaigns providing percentages off, dollar discounts, and multiple offers.

This holiday season we should see the ability to tie mobile Web searches with the ability to trigger coupons via email or SMS messages, even if it takes the need for consumers to opt-in. Coupons accessible through mobile devices make it easier to search for those needed during shopping excursions, either online or in brick-and-mortar stores.



Apple introduced Passbook on the latest iPhone. It's available for devices running iOS 6. The app allows consumers to store digital versions of tickets, coupons and club cards. The coupons transfer to the iPhone through Passbook-ready apps, email attachments or URLs. This makes coupons more searchable and provides a means to store discounts on mobile devices.

Many believe that Passbook lays the groundwork for ecommerce capabilities. The ability to register a gift card today provides a good start for the future. While several retail stores like Nordstrom have begun to email receipts, there are several apps that allow consumers to either store receipts and coupons on their phone or make a purchase. The Business Insider points to two in particular.

Proximiant, for example, relies on near field communication (NFC) technology to set reminders for consumers to send an alert when they come within the proximity of their favorite store. The app also enables consumers to share coupons and deals. The free downloadable smartphone app, Lemon Wallet, allows consumers to store a digital copy of store loyalty cards, insurance information, and store receipts.

No doubt the move toward using the smartphone as a wallet presents benefits, but it also introduces concerns. With the convenience of having a backup on the phone come concerns of ID theft if the phone becomes lost or stolen.

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  1. Rick Blair from Ash Meadows, LLC, November 6, 2012 at 4:22 p.m.

    Excellent article. Pertinent to this conversation. There is a free smartphone app that provides businesses with an easy tool to track competitors offerings and promotions and, of course, deals. Check out this article about Perch

  2. Brooks Lambert from Qwikon Inc., November 7, 2012 at 12:30 p.m.

    Coupons can be that little nudge that prompts a customer to take action. Consumers have many choices and and are often lost in a sea of options. Providing a coupon when a customer is likely to be making a purchase decision can be the difference of where they choose to spend their money. We've seen SMS as a great delivery vehicle because it works on every mobile phone. Opt in rates vary by customer engagement and the if there is an incentive offered for opting in. Our customers see same day response rates in the 5%-25% range and response times as short as minutes.

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