'Nashville' Gets Full-Season Order, Offers Multiple Revenue Outlets


ABC’s “Nashville” was noted by Disney CEO Bob Iger last week as a promising first-season show, and the network gave it a full-season order Monday. By one measure, the drama's ratings in the 18-to-49 demo are 28% higher than ABC's at large.
ABC had already given a full-season pick-up to fellow first-year show “The Neighbors,” where ratings are considerably lower than "Nashville's."
Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer indicated last week that the series, co-produced by the studio he leads, has multiple success markers, including significant DVR-enabled viewership and iTunes downloads of the show's songs.

He said on an earnings call: “It’s particularly encouraging that 'Nashville's live-plus-three numbers continue to average more than 50% higher than the ratings for its live-plus-same-day airing, [making] it one of the most time-shifted shows on television.”
Feltheimer added that the notable amount of iTunes downloads may also be a harbinger of off-network opportunities: “'Nashville' is that rare show that has the opportunity to expand its marketing reach and revenue base through touring, soundtracks and merchandising. We believe that the show will continue to grow and become an important asset for both Lionsgate and ABC.”



This story has been updated to reflect ABC giving the show a full-season order.



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