Will it Blend? Brand Videos Work Well When Mixed Into Site

Clearly every brand has gotten the memo that they need to make “content” for consumers. But exactly how many brands have interpreted that overarching media objective du jour to mean video?

About 54% of brands are currently using video in their marketing, and two-thirds of those who aren’t plan to do so in the coming year, according to research conducted by Forbes and video platform Sharethrough, surveying 136 marketing executives in September at major brands such as Intel, JetBlue, Heineken and Honda.

Of the brands that are making video, the study found that 61% are creating custom video, about 41% are making long-form brand video, and 28% are repurposing TV commercials for online video.

To push those videos out to consumers, nearly one-third are turning to “native ad placement,” which refers to ads that are integrated into the site hosting them with a similar look and feel of the site. That’s what Sharethrough does.



The top goal with branded video for most is awareness, with 69% of respondents citing that objective, while 56% are going for branding, and 43% for customer retention and loyalty.

As an example, Stolichnaya ran a campaign earlier this year called “The Most Original Moments Deserve The Most Original Vodka.” It was comprised of three films and was distributed by Sharethrough via native ad placements, the company said. They were targeted to sites reaching the 21 to 34 demo. The targeting, coupled with the integration into the sites, drove brand lift by 30.8%, according to Nielsen Online Brand Effect.

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  1. Dan Gerlach from Storyfarm, November 20, 2012 at 4:32 p.m.

    Cool blog post Daisy. Even if I wasn't in the video production business, as a marketer I'd be pretty surprised if there were any brands out there who'd argue AGAINST the use of online video to help engage their audience. It'd be like them saying, "Nah, we're good; humans aren't our target audience."

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