Beneful Launches Playful Online Videos


An online video series for Beneful aims to bring the joy of play to everyone and remind them how play can transform the everyday.

The three original videos, with the theme “Random Acts of Play,” were created by Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide and launched earlier this month on YouTube.

The viral videos extend Beneful’s “Play. It’s Good for You.” messaging and spread the joy of play through social channels. The overarching campaign focuses on the benefits of play, and how taking the time to play with your dog can make you a happier, healthier person.

Webster (the dog featured in the videos) brings that idea to life, transforming the moods of workers in the office and people on the street with the power of play.



The videos are:

  1. "Cute Dog Brings Play to the Workplace,"
  2.  "Born to Play"
  3. "Spread the Play."

Facebook ads were created to drive online traffic to the videos on YouTube. The online video campaign is also supported by a PR initiative. The videos can be viewed on Beneful’s owned social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

Beneful’s marketing strategy is focused on inspiring more play in the world because the company believes play is an essential part of life that benefits dogs and the people who love them, said Beneful Brand Manager Jamin Hemenway.

"When dogs and owners play together, they feel invigorated, happy and healthy,” Hemenway tells Marketing Daily. “The ‘Random Acts of Play’ video series helps spread the joy of play through engaging social content that features some fun loving dogs who inspire play in the most unexpected places."

Beneful has a great brand idea in "Play. It’s Good for You." and Leo Burnett wanted to help bring the idea to life by putting a “ridiculously playful dog” into a series of mundane, everyday life situations, said Tony Rogers, VP, creative director for Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide.

“Our director, Alex Fendrich, has this Boston Terrier named Webster who has an infectious, single-minded obsession with his tennis ball,” Rogers tells Marketing Daily. “We set up hidden cameras and sent Webster into office meetings and other workday environments and watched people instantly, radically transform through their interactions with him.”

The agency also recruited shelter puppies, Cabbage and Crouton, who also appear in the videos.

“To them, everything in the world is a toy to play with or jump on or take a nibble of, and you can’t help but experience major mood improvement when you watch the work,” Rogers said. “The music was also critical. The ‘Bad Sports’ tune we used, for example, has great energy and lyrically brings to life the excitement we imagine is going through Webster's head when he brings you the ball.”

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