Candy Is Adults' #1 Christmas Snack Purchase

  • November 27, 2012

Half of U.S. adults who celebrate Christmas buy candy for the holiday, and 54% of these consumers buy it for consumption by themselves or their families, as opposed to gifts, according to an NPD Group survey.

In addition to eating it themselves, 44% of adults buy candy for gifting, and the remaining candy purchasers use it for holiday entertaining and other activities.

Half (51%) of candy eaters consume seasonal/holiday chocolate candy. Candy canes are a next favorite, followed by snack-size chocolate candy bars, gift box chocolates, and seasonal/holiday non-chocolate candy. 

Impulse is the prime driver for 15% of candy/treat purchases.

Women gravitate to the seasonal sections of stores to buy candy for the holidays, whereas men favor the regular candy section.

The survey, of some 4,900 adults who celebrate Christmas, finds chips ranking as the second most commonly purchased Christmas snack (bought by 38% of adults), followed by fresh fruit (36%) and crackers and nuts (each at 31%).

The survey's results are among the holiday snacking trends data in a new NPD report, SnackTrack Holidays Christmas Profile.




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