Higher Click Rate On Facebook Holiday Ads

Facebook has been touting holiday marketing efforts on the site this year, highlighting seasonal campaigns by marketers including The Gap, Fab.com, and 1-800-Flowers. New data from Facebook ad partner Nanigans shows those efforts may be paying off.

The firm said click-though rates for e-commerce campaigns were up 30% from Black Friday to Cyber Monday compared to earlier in November. At the same time, holiday season CPCs are increasing at a similar rate as in prior years, twice as high on average as in 2010.

In one case study, Nanigans looked at the Facebook campaign of large B2C company, comparing the ROI of their ad spend from Black Friday to Cyber Monday to performance during the same period the previous week. The e-commerce company in question advertisers multiple products targeting people from 18 to 36 across various European countries.

Nanigans found 28% higher ROI in 2012 for the 5-day period, with the difference especially pronounced on Cyber Monday, with ROI up 54%.  It increased 36% on Black Friday. The firm’s calculation of ROI (revenue minus cost divided by cost) defines revenue as sales generated by users who click Facebook ads, with cost being the amount of ad spend on Facebook.

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