Aggregate Knowledge Puts Its Money Where Facebook's Mouths Are, Guarantees New Targeting Platform

Aggregate Knowledge, a so-called “data management platform” or DMP that helps advertisers and publishers target relevant display ads at online consumers, this morning unveiled a new version of its audience-targeting platform, which it claims is the first to tap the audience profile data of Facebook users. As part of the new launch, AK is offering a money-back guarantee to advertisers and agencies that they will boost their reach or sales goals by 10% within 60 days of using the new platform.

AK President Rob Gatto tells Online Media Daily he is confident in offering the guarantee, because numerous case studies already conducted by AK show even higher levels of lift for brands participating in it, and that the ability to integrate reach among Facebook’s users.

The case studies show that the addition of Facebook’s user base to real-time audience targeting boosts unduplicated reach by 77%, and that it’s a relative bargain too, currently yielding 82% cheaper average costs for advertisers vs. the online display marketplace averages.

The inclusion of Facebook has also proven to significantly boost performance metrics, with average conversion costs that are 72% lower than the online average.

Gatto says the higher rates of performance and the lower advertising and conversion costs are due mainly to the fact that the ability to tap Facebook users this way is relatively new, that their response to display advertising is higher, and that their reach is relatively incremental to the rest of the online display advertising business.

Gatto says AK hopes to add audience data for other social network platforms soon.

The AK guarantee, meanwhile, is based on an “exclusive 60-day” commitment guaranteeing a 10% boost in either reach or a designated “sales metric.” It is available for a limited time on a first come, first serve basis.

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