Google Ventures Invests In Adelphic Mobile, Miner Joins Board

Adelphic Mobile, a start-up founded by former key players of Quattro and Apple’s iAd that is trying to develop a powerful and easy-to-use platform for advertisers and agencies to target mobile ads to consumers, this morning announced a $10 million round of funding led by Google Ventures. Original Adelphic investor Matrix Partners also participated in the round.

As part of the investment, Google Ventures’ Rich Miner has joined the Adelphic board.

Adelphic said the funding would be used to accelerate its product development, including a real-time platform capable of analyzing up to 30 different signals necessary to define mobile audiences, a bounty of information that has so far proved vexing for mobile advertising and audience-targeting developers.

Miner, a general partner at Google Ventures and a co-founder of Google’s Android operating system, said the investment is purely a venture capital role and does not signal a strategic role by Google itself.



He said Google Ventures operates as an independent VC and that he was attracted to Adelphic because of three things: The experience and reputation of its founders, the prospects for the technology they have developed and the potential size of the mobile advertising marketplace, should someone figure out a way to organize it.

Aside from the infusion of working capital and the vote of confidence from having Google Ventures’ name attached to it, Miner said he would be a very active board member and would work to leverage the connections and strategic insights he has gained from related ventures to help accelerate Adelphic’s growth.

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