Start-Up Might Build Engagement In Gmail

The start-up PhilterIt gathers all email from a particular marketer in Gmail, stores it and allows a person to access it by clicking on a brand icon.

Avi Levine, CEO of the company, said at the MediaPost Email Insider Summit said what propels it in part is people indicate they get email from a GroupOn or JC Penney they are interested in, but don't have time to open it right away. "We found they view our icons as it's time to shop," he said.

The icons can lead to a branded environment offering opportunities for brands to update content.

Levine said he thinks the recognizable icons create "a better connection with the brand." So, for example, a person might complain emails from Papa John's are annoying, but the logo is powerful persuading somewhat to click on it.

"Having that visual connection, that kind of lives unobtrusively in the in-box kind of drives engagement for the brands people like the most," Levine said.





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