Defining What An 'Inactive' Is Could Be Beneficial

Innovyx CEO Derek Harding suggested the email industry could benefit from defining what makes up a long-term active. Is it 12 months? Some companies, though, are considering 48 to 72 months as long term.

At the MediaPost Email Insider Summit, he added that if 48-72 months is "dragging down deployment and deliverability elsewhere," then a refocus is needed.

Separately, Experian CheetahMail's Spencer Kollas said Yahoo and Gmail view their email platforms as cost centers, not revenue generators, so they are looking to reduce the amount of email coming into their systems.

"From an ISP standpoint tht's the way they look at it," Kollas said.

But LeadSpend's Craig Swerdloff said Gmail, for example, can bring in revenue with ads sold and date collected.

"I think they've become much more aggressive in trying to make them profitable," Harding said.



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