tough audience question about Xbox

So one audience member, a self-described "avid gamer," just took the opportunity to ask David Alles, general manager of Xbox for Microsoft, a question that has little to do with search and more to do with, well, customer service. Like, for his Xbox. I'm imagining David is used to this by now.

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  1. David Chen from W. W. Grainger, December 13, 2012 at 7:49 p.m.

    I asked this question, but everyone missed the context. My fault. Scenario: You see a great ad and visit the site. The site wants you to pay $10 to access the content. What happens?

    I'm an advertiser who wants to extend reach to Xbox when they make their offer more robust. However, when they deny customers access to their network by charging an admission fee, it restricts the customer pool. This is especially true when Playstation offers unlimited free access to their network.

    My example was me trying to rent a movie on Xbox. I was denied, saying I had to log into Xbox Live Gold, which requires a fee. Instead, I purchased the movie on PS3's free network.

    If Playstation improves their online console experience, that's where my marketing dollars will flow.

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