comScore Creates Framework To Integrate Siloed Data

Eli-Goodman-A3comScore has created an unduplicated multiplatform measurement system that combines data from four screens to solve the biggest issue in supporting measurement across silos.

Eli Goodman, media evangelist at comScore, presented the supporting white paper, "10 Principles for the Future of Digital Media Measurement & Analytics," for the method at the MediaPost Search Insider Summit (SIS) Friday that supports the measurement system. It explains how all media, including television, continues to move toward digital. He said measurement must follow.

Data firms like comScore and Nielsen set the stage with the foundation or common framework from which to begin using data and integrating media.

Following Goodman's Friday keynote, Murthy Nukala, Adchemy founder and CEO, summed up the sentiment that many attendees expressed: He said complexities come, in part, from consumers having more options to express intent. Media fragmentation, platform-agnostic consumers, bad data and other behavioral changes add to the challenges. "Marketers need to prepare for continued fragmentation," he said.



Mobile marketing has brought on the proliferation of siloed data channels. Many of the products available on the market today have a competency in one channel, according to Michael Ricci, VP of digital product marketing at Webtrends, during the Mobile Analytics panel.

The comScore white paper highlights the need to support media through a one-source panel large enough to duplicate audiences across multiple platforms. The white paper suggests that the solution requires census-level digital data as a critical input to binding together different media platforms into a unified view of the digital consumer.

While panels remain critical for informing person-based estimates. Digital census data holds the key to understanding the cross-platform audience overlap needed to get a multiplatform view, according to comScore.

One MediaPost SIS attendee said: "Everyone sucks at audience data." Pointing to BlueKai, she said the data has her marital status wrong, and incorrectly pegs her as 20 years younger with a toddler. She said the industry needs to stop fighting about whether to measure performance through gross rating points or impressions, but rather figure out how to get the correct audience across all media.

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  1. John Grono from GAP Research, December 17, 2012 at 8:11 a.m.

    I agree with the attendee! I still get 'targeted advertising' for European cars, even though I bought my Audi A4 30 months ago, as well as getting ads for trekking watches even though I summited Kili back in 2009 and spend most of my time at sea-level now.

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