NextGuide Updates TV App With Hulu Clips

Satyrday-Night-ADijit Media’s NextGuide social TV app for iPad is now streaming TV clips from Hulu. Selections from "Saturday Night Live," "The Daily Show," "X Factor," and "The Simpsons" -- 18,000 in all -- are viewable within the app. In addition, the NextGuide app also has movie trailers for both current and classic films. In the ongoing battle of the second-screen entertainment apps, Dijit’s offering tries to aggregate recommendations from across live TV as well as streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and Hulu Plus.

The inclusion of Hulu clips and movie previews highlights the ways in which a new wave of mobile entertainment apps are reaching beyond simply enhancing the live TV experience. While Zeebox, Shazam and Yahoo’s IntoNow have focused more on piping relevant social media and content enhancements for live TV viewing, another category of more discovery-oriented apps like NextGuide and Fanhattan are helping consumers navigate the multi-screen universe of video offerings by hooking into the range of serives like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu that media mavens also tend to have on their devices and TV screens.



Dijit Media’s integration of Hulu clips suggests the kinds of new distribution and co-marketing arrangements that have become possible for these content service as the mobile device evolves into a super-smart remote control on content.   

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