Video Ads Now Half Of App Marketer Spend

Video ads now account for 50% of all app install marketer spend, according to AdColony’s latest App Install Marketing Survey.

“Video is huge for app install marketers,” a company representative said Wednesday.

Full-screen video ads accounted for a full 25% of that spend -- while in-feed and social video made up 7% and 16%, respectively -- according to the mobile video ad company. 

Considered the fifth-most-effective app install format, interactive ads -- or “playables” -- are now being used by 64% of top app install marketers. Going forward, budgets assigned to interactive ads are on the rise, according to the company.

This year, 45% of app install marketers are most excited about playable ads, while 22% are pumped for video and 18% are geared up for social.

Not surprisingly, marketers also appear to be devoting more resources and people power to the app efforts.

On average, their teams are larger than ever, localizing ad creatives for more than seven languages at a time and optimizing their campaigns four times per week, AdColony finds.

For effective ad targeting, most marketers are concerned with mobile operating system, geography and device, while a distinct minority are considering behavioral measures, the strength of consumers’ Web connection or their mobile carrier.

Mobile game developers represented three-quarters of survey respondents. A full 59% of respondents came from North America, according to the company formerly known as Opera Mediaworks.

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