Capital One Creates Interactive Video Campaign To Promote Mobile Banking

Man--Woman-login-B2Evidently seeing the cost and convenience advantages of promoting mobile banking, Capital One is pitching the idea to its own customers via a video campaign that highlights all the other things you could be doing while banking by smartphone. From making a ventriloquist dummy speak to manning the DJ booth in a unicorn headdress, the comic video series makes the point that customers can “Do What They Do While Banking.”

The spots are designed to provoke customer involvement. Featured at the site, the three initial videos also include a form for submitting what you do while mobile banking (in 140 characters or less). The best ideas will be included in a final video to be released soon. From the early submissions, it looks as if a lot of people are engaged in musical interludes while banking. “Jam out to great music,” says one customer. “I sing ‘Getting To Know You’,” writes another.    



The videos on YouTube have attracted between 40,000 and 60,000 views each. The clips come with interactive links to both the site as well as to the Android and iOS app links for downloading the app directly.

My favorite take on mobile banking is “Les Dance De Mobile App,” in which a ballet duo interpret the functionality of the mobile app (log-in, find transfer, etc.).

The Capital One campaign indicates how in some industries mobility has evolved from a nice product differentiator to a force that has real impact on the bottom line. Capital One is actively recruiting its customer base onto mobile interactions that are no doubt a fraction of the cost of voice line and physical retail touchpoints. 

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  1. Patrick Fitzgerald from Straight Face Productions, January 10, 2013 at 4:01 p.m.

    This is a terrific piece of work. Marrying the storytelling power of video with the interactivity of the digital platform offers brands value that cannot be provided across broadcast, currently. Simply repurposing TV campaigns is inefficient; Brands need to develop content designed specifically to incite consumer actions and engage them in deeper, more meaningful relationships which can be executed through the delivery platform. Well played.

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