Koupon Media Announces Facebook Mobile Coupon Offering

Coupon hunting just got a lot easier. Koupon Media is today unveiling a Facebook offering that will allow brands and retailers to use the social media site to send mobile coupons that users can redeem with one click. Companies will be able to use the offering, called “One-Click to Mobile,” to get potential customers more involved with their products. The offering is run on Koupon Media’s Digital Campaign Management (DCM) platform. Koupon Media is also offering a free 30-day trial of the service.

Brands will be able to post links that lead customers to the mobile coupons on their Facebook page. After clicking the link, all the user has to do is enter their phone number and wait for the coupon to be sent via SMS to their mobile device.

“Now, as you know, the customer gets an e-mail, click on a link and they have to print the coupon out to get the offer,” said Koupon Media CEO and Founder TJ Person in an e-mail. Person also says that the coupon “could go into Passbook or PassWallet if that’s what the customer wants.”

Person says that because the coupons are mobile, retailers can bypass their POS systems and redeem through Koupon Media’s DCM because they “don’t have to wait the typical 90-day period for the paper coupons to process.”

One of the strongest features of the “One-Click to Mobile” offering is the added fraud protection provided by the DCM platform. According to the initial release, the platform “enforces one-time use through multi-layer fraud protection that automatically geofences redemptions and requires action within a pre-determined time.” Additionally, Person says there is “more precise tracking, even across campaigns.” This allows companies to send offers out to the masses all while keeping it under control.

“We’re providing businesses with a platform to give their customers an elegant Facebook-to-mobile experience, as well as real time tracking and reduced fraud,” said Person in an earlier statement.

Below is a screenshot of the dashboard brands will be looking when studying how their mobile coupon offers are performing:


There is plenty of detail, which is good for the “big data” people out there: participation rate versus redemption rate, number of offers presented versus the number viewed, geographic location of offers and online location of activity (Twitter, Facebook, or SMS), and more.

Koupon Media also helps their partners beyond just providing the resources. “We help from beginning (set up, deal details, attraction, etc.) to the middle (data tracking, customer behavior), to the end (processing, redemption, flow of the offer from brand to customer to register),” said Person in an e-mail. “Then we tweak, and repeat with more information and success.”

This could change the way a lot of people use Facebook, which means it could change the way brands use Facebook. It has taken much longer than expected, but it seems that brands are finally figuring out more ways to take advantage of Facebook, the ultimate gold mine of potential customers.

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