Xaxis Moves Into Radio, Begins Trading Online, Mobile Radio Audiences In Real-Time

Audience buying company Xaxis has partnered with Triton Digital to launch Xaxis Radio, a new programmatic buying technology that will allow brands to buy online and mobile radio inventory in real-time. The announcement comes one week after Triton Digital announced an online and mobile audio RTB platform of their own.

Triton claimed in their announcement last week that their exchange is the first platform able to programmatically target online and mobile audio inventory in real-time. What makes Xaxis Radio different than a2x, Triton's RTB platform, is that it allows for the programmatic buying of targeted audiences, according to Xaxis' release. Xaxis Radio will also make real-time attribution measurements of radio ads available to advertisers. Xaxis Radio claims that both of these technologies are industry firsts.

"The exponential growth of streaming audio has created a significant new channel for advertisers to explore as part of their overall strategy," stated Neal Schore, CEO of Triton Digital. "The addition of audience-based programmatic buying and real-time metrics makes online audio an extremely attractive option for advertisers."



Brian Lesser, CEO of Xaxis, stated: "Xaxis Radio offfers us yet another channel in which to engage audiences for our advertisers."

The partnership with Triton will allow Xaxis clients to use Triton's inventory. Xaxis Radio will be run through Xaxis' Data Management Platform.

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