DDM Can Measure People Now, Not Just Campaigns

Julie Bernard, group VP, consumer centricity, direct marketing & loyalty for Macy’s Corp, explained three ways in which data-driven marketing is different today. Bernard is speaking on the “Teaching Big Data To Market Engagement: The Brand Perspective” panel at today’s OMMA DDM in New York.

First, Bernard says a big difference today is “the explosion of the availability of data.” There is no doubt that we will hear that phrase again today. Bernard also says that even with all of the data available, we are better at reducing it to "simplicity" today.

Combining all of the data available with the ability to reduce it, Bernard’s third, and perhaps most important point, is that DDM can “measure not a campaign, but measure people.” Bernard says, “Now, we can do all of [the data analyzing] down to an individual customer level.”

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