The Story So Far: Data Is Useless Without Relevance

The current panelists at OMMA DDM are driving home a point that has already been brought up: data means nothing unless it’s relevant.

The panel was discussing why our inboxes get filled up with e-mails that have nothing to do with us. Bob Klein, Chief Strategy Officer, Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide, said, “The vast majority of the stuff that’s out there that’s cluttering the inboxes and what we view online is largely irrelevant, even with all this big data.” Klein called it “really concerning,” and said that big data is “useless without relevancy.”

This echoes what Vikram Somaya, GM, WeatherFX, said earlier at OMMA DDM: “Not all data will work at all times.”

Marketers have access to a lot of data, and today’s speakers are driving home the importance of making all of that data relevant. Maybe the next show should be OMMA RDDM: Relevant Data-Driven Marketing.

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