SQAD Releases NetCosts Audit, Says It Represents Nearly Half Of All National TV Ad Spend

National TV media cost company SQAD says -- through an independent audit -- that its NetCosts service database now includes nearly 50% of all national television advertising spending in 2011.

Specifically, it says national TV ad spending in its NetCosts database represents 50% of broadcast spend, 43% of cable spend, and 46% of syndication spend. On average -- for all national TV platforms -- this comes to nearly 47%.

NetCosts is a database of real cost information for network, cable, and syndicated television advertising. Ernst & Young LLP conducted the audit.

Back in December, SQAD -- along with media agency TargetCast -- said third-quarter 2012 commercial unit costs averaged $82,396, virtually the same as 2011. Fox was at the highest level, with $119,265. CBS is next at $82,265, followed by ABC at $73,618 and NBC -- sans the Olympic programming -- at $71,368.

For almost two-and-a-half years, broadcast network television commercial costs have been up or virtually flat -- reversing declines in previous years due to the recession, among other factors. That trend continued in 2012.

Neil Klar, president/CEO of SQAD, says the company pulls in $20 billion plus in transactions. It provides not only national TV costs, but English-language spot TV, Hispanic spot TV Plus, spot radio and the Internet with its WebCosts product.



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