Z-Poll: Super Bowl Ads For Movies, Milk Score Brand Results

The-Lone-Ranger-ASuper Bowl brand polls almost never give any top results to movie companies. But one company turned the spotlight on Hollywood.

Omnicom-owned Zimmerman Advertising has given top honors to Walt Disney's forthcoming "Lone Ranger" with a 19% positive score. Universal Pictures' "Fast & Furious 6" and Disney's "Oz, The Great and Powerful" both earned a 15% score. Paramount's "Iron Man" received a 12% number, while Paramount's "Star Trek: Into Darkness" got a 9% score.

The agency's new poll -- Z Super Poll -- asks questions that go beyond like-ability. It targets specifics, such as: Having seen this ad, will you try this brand (product or service)?

The best non-movie product was Got Milk at 11%. Pepsi Next was at 8%, and Fiat was at 6%.

Those getting negative purchase intent results included: Samsung (-15%); Calvin Klein (-13%); and Oreo (-10%). While humor has been important for many brands, many scored poor results with purchase intent: Doritos (-8%), M&Ms (-8%), Skechers (-6%) and Pistachios (-7%).

Budweiser's new Black Crown got high opinion results overall with a positive 8%. But men were less likely to buy it after seeing these ads, with a 6% negative number. Conversely, women posted an 8% positive number.

In the smartphone category, the poll analysis for 18-34s gave BlackBerry a 13% positive opinion -- but went strongly in the other direction on Samsung, with a 17% negative number.

"There are plenty of experts out there willing to wax philosophical about beautiful, shocking or irreverent Super Bowl ads and their place in pop culture," stated Jordan Zimmerman, chairman of Zimmerman Advertising. "But at Zimmerman, we're only interested in one thing: results."



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