Twitter's Vine Gets 17+ Rating

Following the controversy erupting over adult-oriented clips appearing on Vine, the Twitter-owned video-sharing app has added an age rating of 17 and older. Launched last month, Vine lets iOS users create, edit and share videos lasting no longer than six seconds.

When it became clear the app was being used by early adopters to post pornographic material, Twitter responded by trying to make it more difficult for people to find the adult videos by adjusting its hashtag search feature.

The company had previously taken the step of adding a warning message at the start of sexually explicit videos to address complaints. The latest version of Vine, however, will carry the adult content rating in the App Store after initially being introduced as suitable for users 12 and over. The update was first reported by The Verge. Whether the kerfuffle ends here isn’t clear. Age restrictions online, including those in the App Store, are hardly airtight.

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