Dish To Launch Hopper Campaign

Hopper-AADish Network said it would launch a multimedia campaign backing its controversial Hopper DVR service that refers to the AutoHop ad-skipping feature. The company said its “Boston Guys,” who speak with a heavy accent linked with the city, would continue as spokesmen.

The Hopper's new version uses Sling technology and allows for viewing on mobile devices. It is best known for allowing automatic commercial skipping via the AutoHop. That feature has networks irate and in litigation with the satellite provider.

Commercial skipping won’t be the only feature plugged in the campaign; the out-of-home viewing option is another aspect.

Regarding the “Boston Guys,” Dish CMO James Moorhead stated: “These lovable characters from Boston helped put the first generation of the ‘Hawpah’ on the map … This campaign takes the Boston family out of the house to show the world that only Hopper with Sling can provide a truly unique entertainment experience.”

The Hopper was the subject of controversy at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, where it was set to win an award from CNET until CBS, which owns CNET and is litigation with Dish, negated the decision.



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