Out To Launch

DishDish launched two TV spots to promote the latest features on its Hopper DVR that allows users to watch live or recorded TV on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, via Sling technology. Who better to explain the technology than the beloved Boston men from previous ads? In “Tiny Beer,” a father and son watch a live basketball game in a park, on a smartphone. The duo placed the phone in a miniature entertainment center to get the feel of being at home. Nearby, a mini-stove cooks mini-nachos, and a mini fridge holds tiny beer cans. See it here. When you watch TV, you want to be comfortable. In “Footrest,” a family watches TV on their tablets, phones and laptops. The kicker is, wherever a person is seated, a handle for a footrest appears, making a staircase, table and toilet all the more cozy. Watch it here. Barton F Graf 9000 created the campaign.



M&MsM&M’s launched an extended version of its Super Bowl ad, about Red and what he will and won’t do for love. Red will carry your shopping bags, give you a pedicure, and wear a hairpiece, but he vehemently draws the line at being exploited for his tastiness. Red will not allow himself to be the prize inside a piñata or the topping to an ice cream sundae. When a group of women at a slumber party start nibbling his face, he yells “It hurts, but I kind of like it.” See it here, created by BBDO New York.

MegaRedSchiff MegaRed launched a heart-healthy online video for Valentine’s Day, giving free samples of its Omega 3 oil to visitors of its Facebook page. “Whose Heart Do You Love?” depicts various types of hearts: straight, gay, funny, serious, simple, complicated, sweet and tough. Each heart needs protecting -- and if the brand gives away 100,00 samples, $100,00 will be donated to the national coalition for women with heart disease. See it here, created by M&C Saatchi/NY, with visual effects provided by Stardust.

Litter GenieThere was rock; a psychedelic trip; and now, rapping cats. Litter Genie debuted its third music video called “Me Luvz Mahselfz,” starring Walter and the Lap Cats. Walter has a neck full of gold chains, loves to dance and drinks fish water as opposed to fresh water. Oh, and his poop doesn’t stink, thanks to Litter Genie. See it here. Twitter users can tweet @LitterGenieCat and he'll rap with you, with a dollar for each tweet going to Best Friends Animal Society. Use the hashtag #RapforCats. JWT New York created the campaign.

TwixIs there a merger in the future? Twix launched a present-day ad about a fictional feud of the past that resulted in separate factories for the left Twix and right Twix. A businessman working for right Twix suggests to the CEO that the company merge with left Twix. As the head honcho mulls it over, he eats a right Twix and disposes of the left via a nifty suction tube similar to those at bank drive-thrus. The CEO then spies on the competition, only to see the same merger pitch happening. “I just don’t like the way they carry themselves,” grumbles the boss. The ad broke during Sunday’s Grammy Awards. See it here, created by BBDO New York.

Chicago Field MuseumThe Chicago Field Museum is launching a print, online and outdoor campaign for its latest exhibition, Creatures Of Light: Nature's Bioluminescence, running from March 7 through Sept. 8. The exhibit explores organisms that produce light, from fireflies and mushrooms to fishes. Creative replaces illuminating objects with bioluminescent creatures. A mushroom replaces a streetlamp in one ad, while the antennae on an angler fish illuminate a lighthouse at sea. The final ad shows a headlight fish being used as a flashlight. See it here. DDB Chicago created the campaign.

NikeNike launched an online and in-store video for its Mercurial Vapor IX shoe. At first glance, I wasn’t sure if this was an ad for shoes or a sports car. The soccer boot is built for speed and compared to fancy sports cars throughout. There’s shots of and sounds of a revving engine are juxtaposed with the sole of the boot, which resembles the grooves in a tire. About halfway through the video, a large Nike logo appears, correcting any confusion. Watch it here, produced by Blacklist and directed by Tendril.

California CowsThe California Milk Advisory Board launched another two ads starring a high-strung cow that become part of a human family. In “Family Night,” the cow suggests that everyone drop the tech devices and partake of some family bonding, like a spirited game of poker. See it here. In “Girlfriends,” two girls lipsync "iYiYiY" by Cody Simpson (Feat. Flo Rida) to their webcam. The family cow stands in the background until Flo Rida’s part begins. Who knew cows could rap? Watch it here. Deutsch LA created the campaign, directed by Fred Savage.

Nigella AppRandom iPad App of the week: For foodie and newbie cooks, the Nigella Lawson Quick Collection for iPad has arrived. The app includes more than 100 recipes with 30 exclusive to the app that create meals in six steps or less. For those who entertain, a “Party Collection” recipe bundle is available to purchase, featuring cocktails, canapés and sweets. The best part is the voice control feature that keeps sticky fingers away from the iPad. AKQA created the app, available here.

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